Integrating Veterinary Therapies





As a physician, I was somewhat skeptical when Dr. Nichols mentioned acupuncture as a means of treating Roentgen, our 8-year-old, 93-lb. lab, who was suffering from arthritis and a torn ligament in his knee. Dr. Nichols compassionately performed a series of acupuncture treatments with results that were very positive. Roentgen responded immediately and continued to do so. He became more active at the park, was much more energetic and pain-free, and was once again able to jump into the SUV by himself.

While Roentgen did eventually have surgery for his torn ligament (as we expected), we have continued to have Roentgen treated by Dr. Nichols, which has helped him stay limber and active. I have recommended Dr. Nichols to many of my physician colleagues who have large dogs with similar issues, and will continue to do so.

Scott Savader, MD



Hank, my five-year-old bulldog, has two thoracic hemi-vertebra, a developmental anomaly in which one side of a vertebra is incompletely developed. Together he and I compete together in agility at the Excellent Level, and during the last few months he has been running differently. Initially, I interpreted it to be a “phobia” of the weave poles during trials. Early on, he seemed fine at home and in class most of the time, but in trial situations he refused the weaves. Then, he started this same behavior in class and occasionally at home. At the last couple trials, he actually ran or walked around jumps and other obstacles—very unlike Hank.

Obviously wanting to help my buddy out, and being well aware of the fact he doesn’t handle NSAIDS well, I looked to Dr. Nichols to help Hank with acupuncture. After three treatments, Hank was back to his old ways and weaving with the best of them. I guess a photo really is worth a thousand words! Dr. Nichols is extremely competent and courteous. He has helped Hank and I get back to what we love to do!

April Paulman, DVM

Sasha and Maya Sasha and Maya

Sasha and Maya

I have known Dr Nichols for more than 12 years. He has been the only vet for my Siberian Husky, Sasha, and he now also takes care of my four-year-old Siberian, Maya. He is a kind, compassionate doctor who gets to know his animals and their owners. He has been very patient and understanding with me and all my fears/worries.

A few years ago Sasha had a soft-tissue mass that Dr Nichols felt was most likely benign, but knew me well enough to say, “You won’t feel alright unless we remove it,” and he was correct on both accounts. He is fantastic with preventative services and dentistry. I like to brag about Sasha’s beautiful teeth at age 12!

I was excited to learn about his extended training in the area of holistic medicine and the timing of it was perfect, as my girl entered her older years. She has some arthritis and a carpal valgus deformity, and Dr Nichols has prescribed a combination of Chinese and Western herbs that have helped keep Sasha limber and decrease her pain. I have noticed a decrease in her morning stiffness, as well as improvement in her movement and the length of walks she can take.

She has a sensitive stomach, and Dr Nichols has recommended homeopathic anti- inflammatories that are easier on her stomach. He has also used acupuncture, aquapuncture/biopuncture and some homotoxicology injections for her arthritis. Most recently, he has used low-level laser therapy for her arthritis and a bad hot spot that she developed.

The past couple years we have been dealing with a bit of incontinence with Sasha. I very much appreciate Dr Nichols approach to this. There are traditional medications for it, but I have big concerns about their potential side effects, and so Dr Nichols has used the above therapies to help with Sasha’s strength in this area. I have seen marked improvement in her in the amount of her incontinence.

The frequency of treatments depends on Sasha, the time of year, and her response, but has not been overly burdensome. She tolerates them all well, with no recovery time needed. The cost of these treatments has been much less than I anticipated and is offset by the savings in not needing medications. Plus, the quality of life improvement for Sasha has well been worth it!

Dr Nichols is a wonderful practitioner in standard veterinary medicine and has the extremely valuable added training in alternative areas. He is passionate about what he does and believes in it fully. My Sasha trusts him, as do I.

Carla J Weaver, MD

Simba Simba


In January of 2011, we were in need of a vet in the Indianapolis area, and through a referral from another clinic, Simba and I made the transition from our vet in Ohio to Dr. Nichols and the staff at Janssen Animal Clinic.

Dr. Nichols’ knowledge in eastern medicine was not only impressive but has been extremely beneficial for Simba, and we’re very pleased with the results of the acupuncture/biopuncture, laser therapy and herbs. Dr. Nichols takes his time and always makes sure I understand what Simba is going through. I have asked the same questions on a number of different occasions, and yet he doesn’t hesitate to explain it to me again and again.

Thank you Dr. Nichols for the love, patience and support you have given to Simba. You’ve not only improved her quality of life, but we also believe we will have Simba for many more years to come.

You are a true gift from God,
Angie Logan

Buster Buster


Buster, my 17-year-old shepherd mix, and I are true advocates of Dr. Nichols’ acupuncture and herbal treatments. In January 2008, I worried about Buster’s continued quality of life. His arthritis had worsened, and muscular deterioration on the right side of his face became evident. Dr. Nichols suggested acupuncture, and throughout the year improvements were obvious.

Although Buster may have looked like a porcupine during treatments, he didn’t object and often dozed in my arms. His relaxation was immediate. With monthly visits, Buster has experienced increased energy and strength. He looks forward to walks and still hops into his favorite chair for naps. His appetite is healthy, and his ability to chew food remains stable.

Buster may not be dancing under lawn sprinklers as in his youth, but he is enjoying his golden years peacefully.

Buster McCune’s Mom


Dr. Steve Nichols has been our vet for several years. Our oldest black lab, Kaya, has experienced arthritis in her back and hips, and could hardly walk. After taking her to Dr. Nichols, he suggested we try acupuncture. Dr. Nichols started giving her acupuncture treatments and this has been the best thing for her. She gets around much better and doesn’t experience the pain she was in previously. Approximately three weeks ago, Dr. Nichols started her on herbal supplements, which we mix with her food in the morning and evening, and this has also increased her strength.

I would suggest to anyone who has a loved one enduring joint pain, arthritis, etc., to try this method—it has changed her life as well as ours. We cannot say enough about how this has improved her quality of life. When you see your loved one in pain, it is very heart wrenching; however, when you see the improvements they will experience, it is amazing.

Marla & John Ryan

Djagah Djagah


My dog, Djagah, has Perianal Fistulas—open sores around the anus—a very difficult condition to treat. Dr. Nichols has provided a combination of treatments and a wealth of knowledge in not only recommended medications, but also diet suggestions—both have been a tremendous asset to her condition.

He is thorough, complete in every detailed carried out with her care. He realizes the strong bond we have with our pets.

Dr. Nichols is easy to work with, always smiling and taking the time to discuss concerns and responds to questions. His knowledge and attention to detail have aided in keeping Djagah healthy and strong to fight her overwhelming condition.

Carol Ann Smith




Daisy Crook


Dr. Nichols has been working with my mare for about a year and a half. Before treatment she was inattentive and very distractible and it was difficult to get her to stay focused while riding. She was also very tight in the poll and not very supple. My mare is now paying attention and I can get her focus back more quickly when distracted. She is much calmer and her neck is soft like a marshmallow instead of an old hard brick. Dr. Nichols is very kind with the horse and takes time to listen to the owners input as to the issues at hand. A big thank you to Dr. Nichols for giving me a horse that I can enjoy and ride.

Rhonna Crook


Dr. Steve Nichols has an uncanny ability to see the whole horse, relative to all of the physiologic process happening in the body. Meaning that a problem exhibiting itself in one area might be stemming from another area. His expertise and novel methods for treating horses have helped my 12 yr old horse Silouette tremendously. Last summer when she was working the hardest she ever worked, through acupuncture, he was able to relax and restore the energy in her back and neck muscles, which allowed the pain to go away and beautiful muscle formation where there had been none. Also since working my horse, she has yet to get fungus on her white legs this year, which has been something that has plagued us every year since I have owned (and it’s been a bad year for fungus!!!). Dr. Nichols is always wise and patient even with the most difficult of horses! He is a true healer and the truth is in the results.

Blair Aldridge

Tom Tom


In November last year I decided to have, Tom, my Trakehner’s melanoma removed with laser surgery. Prior to surgery, we had battled his melanoma with six months of Cisplatin injections. Unfortunately, the melanoma was not responding in the way that we had hoped. The removal of this melanoma was particularly tricky considering it was directly underneath Tom’s tail, and the laser surgery left open wounds where the melanomas were removed.

The healing process was progressing very slowly due to the friction of his tail on the wound causing it to rip open every time it would try to scab over. I was referred to Dr. Steven Nichols, and his Lacer (infra-red) treatment therapy, by a trainer at the barn. Previously, I had never heard of this treatment, but I was willing to try something to help improve Tom’s healing process. After talking to Dr. Nichols, he had described how the Lacer therapy would not only heal the wounds, but also could also help in preventing the melanomas from returning.

After a few weeks of starting this treatment I could already see the results. It was amazing how quickly this therapy started to work and how the laser therapy seemed to improve the appearance of the wounds. Even Tom’s attitude improved, he would melt every time Dr. Nichols worked with him! After a few months the wounds were healed and there was no visible scarring. Tom looked brand new! His wound areas have looked great ever since.

Courtney Wasson