Integrating Veterinary Therapies

  • As a veterinarian, I am a scientist, a diagnostician, an observer, and a communicator, but most importantly I am the voice of, and advocate for my patients.

  • Through the ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture, NVET acupuncture practices help to assist the body in healing itself.

  • Acupuncture is one of the safest forms of medical treatments for animals when performed properly by a trained veterinarian.

  • Energetic forms of medicine require attention to the patient’s response, however subtle, and make appropriate adjustments to achieve optimal health.


N-vet brings the highest quality care to large and small animals by integrating veterinary therapies to achieve optimal health and performance. Merging the ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture, Veterinary Low Level Laser Therapy (V3LT), Homotoxicology, and other Complementary/Alternative therapies, N-vet practices assist the body in healing itself via physiological changes, such as stimulating nerves, increasing blood circulation, relieving muscle spasms, and causing the release of hormones (i.e. endorphins and cortisol).

Although no single therapy can be considered a cure all, combining therapies can be very effective for curing certain functional medical conditions, such as paralysis, allergies, arthritis, neurologic concerns, respiratory issues, musculoskeletal concerns and gastrointestinal problems, etc. Complementary and Alternative therapies allow for a more diverse approach to all conditions, including those which have no known effective, Western treatment.

In addition, regular acupuncture and complementary treatments can help alleviate minor sports injuries and keep animals involved in racing, jumping and/or showing in top physical condition. Non athletes can benefit from routine treatments to maintain optimal health as well.